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Kidnapping of Christian Girls in Pakistan Highlights Vulnerability of Religious Minorities
4/22/2014 Pakistan (Worthy News)
Every year in Pakistan, an estimated 1,000 girls and young women are kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and then married to Muslim men, according to Barnabas Aid. Many of these victims are never allowed to return to their families due to backward and abusive legal systems stacked against them.  Most telling is the fact that these women are forced to stay with their captors throughout the trial process if they or their families bring charges.

  • Pray that there will be an outcry to find and rescue these abducted women
  • Pray that God will move on the hearts of the captors and that they will release the women
  • Pray for the end of Pakistan's legal system that is made to discriminate against Christians 

Pakistani Authorities Demolish Mostly Christian Slum on Edge of Islamabad
4/22/2014 Pakistan (Newsweek Pakistan)

According to reports coming out of the Pakistani capital Islamabad, authorities have demolished a slum situated on the edge of Islamabad. Authorities have declared war on the slums, largely populated by Christians and Afghan refugees, saying they are illegal and havens for militants. The discrimination and poverty has left many Pakistani Christians seeking to exit Pakistan altogether.

  • Pray that the Christians and Afghan refugees will not be injured during the demolition process
  • Pray that Pakistan would stop displacing thousands and stop the demolition of slums 
  • Pray that Pakistani refugees will be able to find asylum 

International Monitors Confirm 234 School Girls Still Kidnapped
4/22/2014 Nigeria (FoxNews)
Nearly a week after the abduction, international monitors are now confirming ICC's report that more than 240 school girls were kidnapped by Islamic militants from their secondary school in Chibok, a predominantly Christian neighborhood: a rarity in Nigeria's increasingly Islamic north. Suspected to be the work of Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) Boko Haram, search parties composed mostly of vigilantes and concerned parents continue to ravage Nigerian forest in search of their loved ones.

  • Pray that the search would be successful and the school girls will be found
  • Pray for peace and comfort for the families of the missing school girls 
  • Pray that Nigeria would bring an end to Boko Haram's violent attacks against Christians 

Ugandan Father Fatally Beats Daughter for Christian Conversion

4/21/2014 Uganda (Morning Star News)

On April 6th, two Islamic sisters attended a church service in Kawaga after sharing a prophetic dream they say called them to Christ. Local Muslims who witnessed the girls entering the church reported their whereabouts to their father who proceeded to beat the girls after arriving home, fatally striking one of the two sisters. Abdul Hakim Ibanda of Kamuli town killed his 17-year-old Nanvunani Shamimudid for leaving Islam.  The surviving daughter, Hasifa, fled to the home of a church elder who has since arranged safe housing for her in an undisclosed Christian community.

  • Praise God that Nanvunani is in heaven now and is with the Lord
  • Pray for Hasifa's safety and protection 
  • Pray that Ibanda will be brought to justice for the death of his daughter 

Pakistani Boy Shot for Discussing Easter Traditions with Muslim
4/18/2014 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan)
Pakistani Christian Sunny Hyder was shot and killed by a Muslim co-worker after discussing Christian traditions practiced during the Easter holiday. According to Hyder Masih, father of the executed victim, there was a dispute between his son and security guard prior to the shooting. A few days ago, Sunny shared with his father about the dispute, but his father didn't take it seriously. Sunny's refusal to convert to Islam and his openness in discussing religious topics likely led to his death. 

  • Pray for the comfort and healing of Sunny's father during this difficult time
  • Pray that the shooter will be brought to justice 
  • Pray for the safety of believers in Pakistan who risk their lives to share their faith

Christians in India Outraged by Modi Playing Dumb to Issue of Persecution
4/17/2014 India (UCAN India) 
Christian leaders have condemned the statement of Narendra Modi that he was unaware of any attacks on members of the community and their places of worship in India.  In 2013 alone, churches were attacked over 150 times and in some cases made national headlines. Modi playing dumb to the issue of Christian persecution in India has many church leaders outraged and fearful of what the future for Christians looks like.
  • Pray that India's leaders will unite together to speak up for religious rights for Christians 
  • Pray for a peaceful future in India no matter the election outcomes
  • Pray against the violence of Christians in India 

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