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Bible Owners Among Dead in Mass Public Executions Across North Korea
11/12/2013 North Korea (Fox News)

In the first known large scale executions under the still new regime of Kim Jong-un as many as 80 "criminals" were publicly killed by authorities across the country. Among those executed included individuals guilty of "possessing a Bible", said the South Korean newspaper that reported on the executions. According to the newspaper the executions took place in about eight different cities. In Wonsan, eight individuals were reportedly tied to stakes at a sports stadium and riddled with machine gun bullets as thousands were forced to watch.  

  • Pray for the comfort of the families of those executed
  • Pray that North Korea would stop its grave violation of human rights 

5000 Islamists Launch Brutal Attack on Nigerian Christians
11/11/2013 Nigeria (Vanguard)

A weekend raid by Fulani Islamists against a Christian village has seemingly developed into a sustained offensive, with over 5000 jihadists cutting a swath through East-Central Nigeria. Almost 40 persons have been reported killed thus far, and thousands displaced as the outmatched Nigerian security forces are unable to slow the rampage.

  • Pray for the safety and recovery of the victims in Christian village
  • Pray Nigeria's security forces will be able to thwart further attacks
  • Pray against the violence on Christians by the Islamists 

Deplorable Conditions for Kachin Christians in Northern Burma
11/9/2013 Burma (International Christian Concern) 

On October 30, new fighting erupted in the southern Kachin State, despite ongoing talks between the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and government negotiators. The unresolved conflict between ethnic groups and government forces in Myanmar is forcing Kachin Christians to live in deplorable conditions as refugees and to be targeted as victims of religious persecution.  About 1,000 people were forced to flee their homes.

  • Pray for God's provision for Kachin Christians forced to flee their homes
  • Pray for an end to the fighting between the ethnic groups and government forced of Myanmar
  • Pray for God's will to be done during this time of unrest in Burma

Burmese Military Use Christians as 'Human Shields'

Despite improvements in the political climate of Myanmar, the army continues to trample the rights of Christian Kachins, raising concern over whether the U.S. should be acting on plans to resume links with the Burmese military. In early September 2013, three villagers, including an assistant Pastor, were killed in the Northern Kachin state of Burma after being detained by soldiers. There are still over 50 villagers being held by Burmese soldiers. Rev. Ram Mai, the village Reverend told KNG that he is "very concerned that the 53 villagers are being used as human shields." 
  • Pray for the comfort and quick healing of the villagers attacked
  • Pray for the protection and safety of the 50 villagers being held by Burmese soldiers  
  • Pray  that God would give discernment to U.S. leaders on the matter of resuming links with the Burmese military

American Pastor Abedini's Transfer to New Prison a "Death Sentence"

American pastor Saeed Abedini has been transferred from notorious Evin prison in Iran to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj. Diplomats, U.S. Senators, and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) confirm that for Abedini to be held in this prison is essentially a "death sentence."
  • Pray that U.S. government will create a greater cry to release Pastor Abedini
  • Pray for God's comfort and spirit over Pastor Abedini's family during this time
  • Pray for strength and protection over Pastor Abedini while he is detained
Innocent Pastor Imprisoned and Tortured by U.S. Ally
11/15/2013 Kazakhstan (International Christian Concern)
Bakhytzhat Kashkumbayev (Pastor B.K.), a Christian pastor, has been wrongly imprisoned and tortured by the government of Kazakhstan for his Christian activities.  ICC sources report that Pastor B.K. has been subjected to "Soviet-style psychological examinations" and tell us that "it is only because of international attention that Pastor B.K. has not been killed."  Join the Free Pastor B.K. page and raise a shout to bring him home for Christmas! 

  • Pray that Pastor B.K.'s story will garner the attention of the international community it warrants
  • Pray for the many people who lost not one family member but four, five, or more in one instant
  • Pray that Pakistan will finally begin to protect Christian minorities 

#FREEPASTORBK | 'If we forget about Pastor B.K. now, he's probably going die in prison'

Pastor B.K., a 67-year-old believer, has been imprisoned for his faith in Kazakhstan. Our shouts have garnered the attention of the Kazakh government, but if we stay silent now, who knows what they will do to him.  Find out three ways you can A.C.T on his behalf today.
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