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Kazakh Police Intimidate and Harass Parishioners of Imprisoned Pastor
10/31/2013 Kazakhstan (International Christian Concern)

Police in Astana, Kazakhstan have been aggressively intimidating and harassing members of the beleaguered Grace Protestant Church. The church's 67-year-old pastor, Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev (Pastor B.K.), was detained by Kazakh authorities in May as part of a nationwide crackdown on religious minorities.  Join our campaign to get him released from prison and home for Christmas.  

  • Pray for the parishioners of Pastor B.K.'s church to keep the faith
  • Pray that Pastor B.K. will be released and in time to be home with his family for Christmas
  • Pray that Kazakhstan would stop the persecution of Christians and repent for its anti-Christian propaganda  

Libya's Christians Endangered by Islamist Militias, Lawlessness
11/5/2013 Libya (IRIN)

Although Libya's indigenous Christians were assimilated or annihilated during previous waves of Islamic expansion, the Church has been continually present since Roman times. Libya has almost 100,000 Christians, but they have been in great danger since the Western-assisted Islamists overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Now, their situation in Libya is described as "precarious."

  • Pray for the stability of the Libyan government
  • Pray for the Christians living in fear of the unstable militias

Christian Missionary Kenneth Bae Becomes Longest Serving American Prisoner in North Korea Since Korean War
11/4/2013 North Korea (International Christian Concern)

Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary and US Citizen, has been held in prison for an entire year on accusations of "hostile acts" against North Korea because he is a Christian. In spite of pressure from humanitarian groups and the US government, the North Korean regime refuse to even entertain thoughts of setting Bae free. He is in poor health, though his mother, who was allowed to visit briefly, reported he is doing slightly better than a few months ago. North Korea is notorious for their persecution of Christians.

  • Pray for Bae's health to continue improving
  • Pray Bae will soon be released
  • Pray for other Christians in North Korea who have been imprisoned for their faith

Muslim Brotherhood to Copts: 'Everyone is going to pay and whoever doesn't pay we'll take his son, his wife-we'll violate the people to the utmost extreme.' 
11/2/2013 Egypt (AINA)

A man named Saddam, a Muslim Brotherhood gang leader, has been demanding large sums from Christian families in the Maghlaga district of Malawi. He threatens to hurt or kidnap the families of any man who does not pay. News reports of a man whose son was kidnapped reveal that even after he paid the sum, the Brotherhood took the money, beat him severely, and did not return his child.
  • Pray for the father and for the safe return of his son
  • Pray that authorities will step in and stop this unjust tax
  • Pray for God's provision for those suffering financial hardship due to this terrorist

Broken by the Bombs of the All Saints Church Attack

The bombing of the All Saints Church in Pakistan in September was a personal tragedy to many. Sanobar Younas and other members of the family spoke to ICC about the loss of her sister, Sania Haroon. They shared memories of this happy, loving woman taken from them by the hatred of the bombers. The story is similar to so many other families ripped apart by the bombing.

  • Pray for comfort for Sania's family during this difficult time
  • Pray especially for Sania's brother Samson as he gets married, that God would replace grieving with joy
  • Pray that hatred and persecution in Pakistan will be overcome
Witness to Destruction in Pakistan
10/31/2013 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) 

Vicky Pervaiz shares his memories of the bombing of the All Saints Church.  He was speaking with his best friend right before the bomb went off. After the attack, he discovered his friend and the friend's entire family was dead. Though the attack wiped out many people, entire families, Pervaiz says the bombing strengthens his love for Jesus and his resolve to worship.

  • Pray for Pervaiz as he heals from his injuries
  • Pray for the many people who lost not one family member but four, five, or more in one instant
  • Pray that Pakistan will finally begin to protect Christian minorities 

FEATURED VIDEO: ICC sits down with two Syrian Christians to hear firsthand about the impact of two years of fighting on Syria's Christian community in the first segment of a two part interview.
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