mardi 12 novembre 2013


Barbaric beating & rape of christian Ethiopians by Saudis..  

   =====================المنفوحة- سعوديون


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Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia face robbery, abuse, torture, rape, and death

Saudi Police whip and beat Ethiopian migrants.

Saudi Arabian mob beats up and kills Ethiopian Christian migrant calling him a dog.

Ethiopian domestic worker is tied to a wall by her Saudi employer when she isn’t working.

Arab human traffickers beat up their Ethiopian cargo.

Ethiopian migrants abused by Saudi Security Forces.

Another Ethiopian migrant beaten up by Saudi mob.

Ethiopian domestic worker hangs herself, another victim of Saudi employer abuse.

Ethiopian Review  Some Ethiopian women resort to suicide after being subjected to barbaric acts at the hands of their Saudi employers, and the Ethiopian embassy has refused to provide them with assistance. The women are trafficked to Saudi Arabia by agencies in Ethiopia that are affiliated with Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi and his associates, in collaboration with the TPLF junta.


Ethiopian woman at the town of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, has committed suicide by hanging. 

It is reported that she killed herself after she was prevented from going back to her country.



يعذبون ويغتصبون الأثيوبيات

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