vendredi 27 juin 2014

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News and Prayer for the Persecuted

Meriam Released from al-Shareed Police Station
In the latest development in what is amounting to a game of legal hopscotch-with the freedom of an innocent woman and her family as the stakes-Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a 27-year-old mother and wife to an American citizen, has reportedly been released from police custody in Khartoum. Meriam was arrested Wednesday on two criminal charges after trying to leave the country with husband, Daniel, and two children, Martin and Maya.

  • Pray the Sudanese government will uphold Meriam's acquittal of charges  
  • Pray the renewing of strength and comfort of our Lord to come upon the Ibrahim family during these dark times
  • Pray for the protection of the Ibrahim family as they attempt to find asylum 

Like Jews Before Them, Iraq's Christians May be Expelled if Islamists Win in Iraq
6/25/2014 Iraq (Algemeinar)

Nearly 75 years ago, Iraq flourished with many ethnic and religious minorities, including large Jewish and Christian populations. The Jewish communities were expelled in the 20th century and now the extremist group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria) is expelling Christians at an alarming rate. Before 2003, it was estimated that around 130,000 Christians lived in Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, and only about 10,000 remained before the recent ISIS invasion a week ago.

  • Pray for the suffering of our brothers and sisters to cease in Christ's name
  • Pray the enemy of our Lord and Savior will receive the Truth and end their tyranny
  • Pray Iraq will again become the land blessed in Christ's name

Laos Denies Christian Funeral and Burial; Detains Christian Leaders
6/24/2014 Laos (HRWLR)
The Chan family, one of five families to convert to Christianity, lost their beloved mother, Mrs. Chan. Her children secured permission from the village chief to have a Christian ceremony and burial on their own personal property. However, the village reversed the decision until the children recanted their Christian faith. The children kept their faith as Christian leaders gathered to support them, but the village enforced a Buddhist ceremony and detained several of the Christian leaders.
  • Pray for the comforting Spirit of our Lord Jesus to come upon the Chan family as they stand in His name and grieve their loss
  • Pray for the immediate and safe release of the detained Christians
  • Pray for the renewing Spirit of Christ to touch all our brothers and sisters in Laos as they endure hardships

Over 40 Nepalese Christian Leaders Arrested and Released, Amidst Threats from Hindu Mob
6/24/2014 Nepal (Agenzia Fides)

More than 40 Christian leaders were arrested, and then released, accused of alleged "forced conversions of Hindus." As Fides learns, the Nepalese police executed the wave of arrests, all leaders belonging to Protestant Christian communities, on June 13, under pressure from Nepalese Hindu leaders. A Hindu mob gathered outside the prison, threatening an uprising if the Christians were released. Most of the detainees were released, but 8 leaders remained in custody until June 15.

  • Pray for the quick and secure release of the remaining imprisoned Christians
  • Pray the anointing love of our Lord Jesus Christ will move upon our brothers and sisters and non-believers for the glory of His name
  • Pray Nepal will rise above intolerance and learn the Word of our wonderful Father, who is ready to save

Hundreds of Egyptian Women and Girls Kidnapped, Forced Into Islam, Claims Report
6/24/2014 Egypt (FoxNews)

Approximately 550 Coptic Christian girls and women have disappeared in Egypt over the last three years, according to a report from the Egyptian Association of Victims of Abduction and Enforced Disappearances.  Ebnar Louis, the Cairo activist who founded the association in 2010, said police are typically indifferent to reports of missing girls.  Of the 550 missing females AVAED has investigated, only 10 have returned home and offered testimony.
  • Pray for the comfort and spirit of hope over the families who have lost their girls to kidnapping 
  • Pray against the spirit of indifference and pray that the kidnapping of these women will garner the international attention it warrants  
  • Pray continually for the safe return of the kidnapped Coptic Christian girls
Christians Seeking Denied Food Rations Attacked by Mob in India
6/23/2014 India (Morning Star News)

For a couple of months, 52 Christian families had been denied food rations from the local village head. When they approached the office of the food inspector to ask for help, however, a mob stirred up by Hindu radicals descended on them violently, beating them with sticks and yelling abusively.  Attorney Songsingh Jhali said, "The next day, the village head called a public meeting saying no entry should be given to outsiders in the village - and that everyone in the village should embrace Hinduism or their lands would be seized."
  • Pray the extremists will cease their injustice against God's children and allow Christ into their hearts
  • Pray for the physical and spiritual healing of all injured and their families
  • Pray our Lord God will provide the 52 Christian families food and the comfort of His faithful love

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